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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Based just outside of Kansas City, SV Imaging & Interior has been servicing the petroleum and convenience store industry for nearly a decade. We currently operate throughout the Midwest, Rockies, Ohio Valley, and Gulf Coast. 


SV Imaging & Interior is your complete imaging destination for all convenience store branding needs. We specialize in fuel canopy imaging, signage, price sign development and installations, fuel dispenser imaging, painting, power washing, fuel island upkeep, c-store building exterior imaging, interior and exterior LED lighting, interior renovations, canopy construction, parking lot repairs, and more!


Phillips 66, BP, Exxon, Shell, Amoco, Conoco, Cenex, Sinclair, 76, Citgo, Marathon, Chevron, Amstar, VP Racing, Gulf, Mobil, plus fully customized images!


Swan Vilaichit, President

Lucky Chareunsavanh, General Manager

Andy Somphone, Project Manager

Johnny Seuady, Foreman

Arthit Vilaychith, Foreman

Dom Sirithasack, Foreman


New Amoco Image

SV Imaging has already begun completing several Amoco images at locations throughout the Midwest and in the Memphis, TN market.  

ExxonMobil Synergy

We are an proud partner of ExxonMobil and can assist with all your Synergy upgrade needs!

Phillips 66 Premier & Signature Images

To date, SV Imaging has completed over 200 Premier & Signature image conversions for the Conoco, 76, and Phillips 66 brands. 


We specialize in main identification price sign re-faces, ground ups, LED additions, and a large variety of customizations.